roots of global migration

Drivers Of Forced Migration- Why Do People Plan To Move

Migration is the most common act of people living around the world. As per the complete research and analysis, a high percentage of people have to face forced displacement. Various causes are responsible for the shift of people.

What Is Forced Migration?

Forced migration is the movement of refugees or migrants. Their movement can either be within the same country or to even in a different country. The places of displacement mainly depend on the roots of global migration: unpacking the factors behind the refugee crisis. In some situations, migration even has a positive impact on society:

  • There is expansion seen in the labor force
  • Increase in the cultural variety
  • Helps to boost the local economy

Reasons For The Forced Migration

In most situations, the migrants start with a journey either due to social conditions or natural disasters. It is an act that will have both a positive and negative impact on the social condition of the nation. Some reasons are responsible for the shift of people from one place to another.


Some unavoidable events directly impact people’s lives, one of them being drought. Mostly it is seen that drought affects the communities that depend on a place’s agriculture harvesting. After the drought, people even face issues related to the supply of water. They get dirty water for drinking and bathing, which is the root cause of the health issues.


Some situations in the country, like war, and lack of economy, can also lead to hunger among people. People can’t stand in a situation of hunger. In case they are having lack of food, then they can migrate from the place to an area with plenty of food.


During some parts of the year, a place might have a high amount of rainfall, resulting in flooding. It is a situation that might prove to be a major destruction if the remedies will not be taken on time. Having a flood at a place is the major reason for people’s forced migration.

movement of refugees


An earthquake shakes the earth’s surface, which results in seismic waves. The earthquakes that occur on earth have variations in the amount of force. Therefore, the destruction will depend on the frequency of the earthquake. Due to this problem, a person has to face migration from one place to another.

Conflicts In A Place

In traditional times, conflict is the main reason that people take departure from a place. Most of the time, the conflict is due to various reasons; if possible, it must be avoided. But if the war is not avoidable, migration is the only option people have. Moreover, it will help in saving their complete family. This is the complex dynamics of forced migration.

Economic Circumstances

There are even some amount of economic challenges that might be there in an area. For example, the low economic condition might lead to a lack of food and water. It becomes really difficult for a person to survive in such a condition. Therefore, moving to an economically stable place will make a person’s survival easy.