Step 1: Choose your section


The Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration is divided into six sections — the academic articles section, the policy monitor, the law monitor, the field monitor, the first-hand section, and a space for artistic and creative expressions about forced migration.

For information on the requirements for each section, see our Section Overview. 

If you are still unsure which section is best for your contribution, please contact us under


Step 2: Familiarise yourself with our style guideline


In our style guidelines, you will find information on our citations style as well as details such as font type and font size. Thank you very much in advance for making sure that references in your text as well as your bibliography are in line with OxMo's style guidelines. 


Step 3: Finalise your submission


When finalising your submission, please take into consideration the following requirements: 

  1. Send us your text (incl. abstract, ca. 200 words) or poem using Word-format and anonymise the text (i.e. do not feature your name anywhere in the document). Please check beforehand if your bibliography is inline with our style guidelines.

  2. In a separate document, send us a short bio about yourself (ca. 100 words). 

  3. Attach a signed copy of our publishing agreement.

  4. Specify to which of our six sections you intend to submit.

  5. Share a photo to feature on our the website alongside your piece. This photo can depict a situation, landscape or image which you think goes along well with the content of your piece. Please also let us know if you have taken the image yourself, which would be ideal, or if you have taken it from elsewhere, so we can reference the appropriate source. 


Step 4: Send us your submission


If you are submitting an article to the academic section, policy monitor, field monitor, or law monitor, or our artistic and creative expression section, please send your submission directly to If you are looking to submit to the first-hand section, you can either opt for the blind review process, which we also apply to the other sections, or choose to request the guidance of one of our first-hand editors by contacting us via prior to submission.

What happens after you submit?

We will notify you whether or not your piece has been accepted for publication in OxMo's forthcoming issue. Depending on the number of submissions we receive, this may take a few weeks. All submitted articles undergo a blind review process. This is why we ask you to submit your piece without alluding to your name or affiliation in the submitted document itself. 

Each submitted article is assigned to at least one editor within the respective section to which you have chosen to submit. In line with OxMo’s internal review guidelines, editors can recommend some articles for publication, which are then reviewed by OxMo’s co-editors in chief. In consultation with the editor in question, co-editors decide what articles ultimately feature in the next issue. 

After this stage, all authors are notified of the result. The blind review process ends here and authors whose pieces have been selected for publication are put in contact with one of OxMo’s editors, who will provide detailed feedback and comments to further refine the piece together ahead of publication. Please note that, due to the large number of submissions, we can only provide feedback to articles which have been accepted to OxMo. 

There is no maximum number of articles which can feature in a particular section. Articles are judged in their own right rather than in comparison with one another. In this way, we commit to provide a platform to as many great submissions as we receive. 

We look forward to receiving your submission!