And then it rained…

By Carla Sofia Ferreira Fernandes

Talhadas, the home village of the poem’s main character which he left in the 1950s to return to only twenty years later. Photo Credit: Carla Sofia Ferreira Fernandes.

1950s, one way ticket to cross the Atlantic

Promises and dreams, hopes and fears

Leaving behind all that he thought was his

Warm ocean waters, new food and scents

Endless summers in that tropical land

Working long hours, his new life began

Friends with different accents

People from other shores

Some had never seen money before

And then the radio announced the rain

Where some of his friends were from

After a drought so painfully long

Immediately they headed home

Rushing to celebrate the new rain

And that they could live there once again

They left my father, still by the ocean

Waiting patiently for good news to come

From the place he always called home

Carla Sofia Ferreira Fernandes is a former humanitarian worker who currently conducts research on climate-induced migration in Morocco, as part of the PhD programme in Social Sustainability and Development of Universidade Aberta, Portugal, and in collaboration with the research group Societies and Environmental Sustainability of the Centre for Functional Ecology, Coimbra, Portugal.