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This is a provisional list of the editorial team for 2019/20. The final list will be updated in the next week.



Editor in Chief

Ana graduated from the MSc in Migration Studies with distinction at the University of Oxford in the summer of 2017. There, she focused on the ways in which the 2015 "Refugee Crisis" exposed the tension between race and cosmopolitanism in traditionally homogenous welfare states, with a particular focus on Sweden. She is currently based in NYC, where she has worked with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and in refugee resettlement with the International Rescue Committee.


Editor in Chief

Andrea Ortiz recently received a MSc in Migration Studies with distinction from the University of Oxford and has a B.A. in Social Studies and Economics with honors from Harvard University. Due to her ethnographic research experience on a Fulbright scholarship in central Mexico, her research interests have developed to be primarily in the areas of migration and development, Southern-led responses to displacement, and urban integration.


Policy Editor

Alexandra Biggs is a graduate of the University of Oxford, where she undertook a Masters in Migration Studies with a focus on minority populations in the Middle East. Having previously worked in Australia in the finance sector, she is currently working in Egypt on refugee policy and advocacy.


First Hand Editor

Timo Schmidt is a Research Assistant with MPI Europe, where he focuses on European policies related to asylum, irregular migration, return and foresight. He also works as a Director and Coproducer of a transmedia project on migration in Europe (i.e. Refugee Roads). Previously, Timo was a Research Associate, in Jerusalem, with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP). He also served as a mentor for refugee children in Jordan and Lebanon, as well as a student consultant on refugee labour market integration at Leiden University. Timo holds a master’s of science in migration studies, with distinction, from the University of Oxford, where he specialised in EU migration policy and the economics of migration. He received an honors bachelor’s degree in international studies, cum laude, from Leiden University, where he focused on Middle Eastern studies. He also spent a semester at the Netherlands Institute Morocco in Rabat, completing research on migrant integration and intensive Arabic language courses.


First Hand Editor

Erica Sewell earned an MSc in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford in July 2016. There, she focused on U.S. media representation of immigrants and its impact on their social integration. She also holds a BA in Anthropology and Comparative Literature from Rutgers University, where she now works advising international students on their immigration status. Erica previously studied in South Korea and Japan for several years. This experience informs her current research interest in immigrant integration policies and internationalisation of higher education in East Asia.